• PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590 batteries
  • PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590 batteries

PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590 batteries

No.Item No.:PTC-2590SP
PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590, BB-390, and BB-590 batteries, etc
  • PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590 batteries
PTC-2590SP Solar Panel Charger for BB-2590 batteries 

1) Parameters at a standard light intensity irradiance of 1000W㎡ / 38000Lux
(equivalent to the sunshine around 2 pm in summer)
 Open circuit voltage: 23V ± 2V;
 Working voltage: 20V ± 2V;
 Short-circuit current: 6.0A-7.5A;
 Working current: 5.5A-7.0A;
 Module power: ≥120W.

2) Parameters at medium light intensity irradiance of 600W㎡ / 30000Lux (equivalent to
the sunshine around 9 am and 4 pm in summer)
 Open circuit voltage: 22V ± 2V;
 Working voltage: 19V ± 2V;
 Short-circuit current: 5.5A-6.5A;
 Working current: 5.0A-6.0A;
 Module power: ≥90W.
3) Parameters at low light intensity irradiance of 400W㎡ / 5000 Lux (equivalent to
cloudy weather)
 Open circuit voltage: 18V ± 8V;
 Working voltage: 16V ± 2V;
 Short-circuit current: 2.0A-2.5A;
 Working current: 1.5A-2.0A;
 Module power: ≥30W.
4) Volume and weight:
 Volume: Fold size 480*420*40mm; Open size 480*1760*20mm
 Weight: ≤3.6kg

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