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🛡️ Prepare for the Ultimate Defence Showcase: DSA 2024 is Coming! 🚀
Gear up for the most anticipated Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA 2024), set to take place from May 6th to 9th, 2024, at the prestigious Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur!
Power-Time: Providing Advanced Solutions for Military Operations
Power-Time, a leading manufacturer specializing in advanced military batteries and noise-canceling headsets designed to meet the rigorous demands of military applications.
Cerbair unveils its Chimera all-in-one C-UAS portable system(Anti Drone Guns)
Well known for its anti-drone systems, Cerbair of France has recently disclosed a man-portable system that includes both the detector and the effector. Named Chimera, it is a considerable add-on to the company portfolio.
Detect and diffuse – The top 5 military robots for explosive ordnance disposal
These military robots for explosive ordnance disposal are Driven by BB-2590 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which are manufactured by several military battery factories in the world, including Bren-Tronics, Ultra-Life in the US, and Power-Time Technology in China
Battlefield Noise cancelling and the Role of Hearing Protection Headphones - DF-5
On the battlefield, the sounds of gunfire and explosions pose a threat to soldiers' hearing, and hearing protection headphones can help reduce hearing damage within a certain range. - DF-5
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