Nov.2023 30
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Power-Time Technology Appears with Innovative Two-Way Radio Accessories at the 2023 European PMRexpo
On November 28, 2023, Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd. showcased itself in Europe with a new presence at PMRexpo, one of the first major international exhibitions post-pandemic. With its professional R&D strength and innovative products in the two-way radio(commonly known as Walkie-Talkie) accessories field, Power-Time successfully drew the attention of many industry insiders and outsiders.
    • Since its establishment in 1999, Power-Time has been dedicated to the R&D and production of two-way radio accessories. Over more than 20 years of technological accumulation and market development, the company has launched a series of high-quality and innovative products, such as full-duplex communication noise-canceling headphones, explosion-proof bone conduction fireman headphones, and ultra-low temperature high-discharge batteries. These products are highly reputed in the industry and have received numerous certifications and awards from domestic and international authoritative bodies.

      At the exhibition, Power-Time's booth was bustling with visitors, including long-term clients. A longstanding client from Germany said, “I have been working with Power-Time since 2005. Their product quality was excellent back then, and their service was outstanding. I am very pleased to see their new products, which I believe will be very popular.” He also displayed a photo taken with the owner of Power-Time, eliciting a warm response from the audience.

    • The new products brought by Power-Time to this exhibition also garnered widespread attention. The full-duplex communication noise-canceling headphones were praised for their excellent noise reduction and stable communication performance. The explosion-proof bone conduction fireman headphones, with their unique bone conduction technology and explosion-proof features, have broad application prospects in the fire and safety fields. The ultra-low temperature high-discharge batteries, known for their exceptional low-temperature performance and discharge capacity, have won favor among outdoor workers and users in extreme environments. At Power-Time's booth, visitors eagerly experienced the company's innovative products. A firefighter trying the explosion-proof bone-conduction fireman headphones could clearly hear walkie-talkie commands without being affected by the noisy environment. He exclaimed, “This product is amazing! It allows me to focus more on rescue work at a fire scene without noise disturbance.”

      Power-Time stated that their participation in the exhibition aimed to strengthen communication and cooperation with European customers and promote the internationalization of their products. The company seeks to explore the development trends and market prospects of two-way radio accessories with European industry experts and partners.

      Power-Time will continue to deepen cooperation with European customers, intensify market expansion efforts, and promote more innovative products to the global market. The company will also continue to pay attention to industry trends and technological developments, constantly developing new products that meet market demands, and providing global users with higher quality, more convenient two-way radio accessory solutions.

      As a leading enterprise in the two-way radio accessories industry, Power-Time always adheres to innovation-driven development, with quality as its core competitive strength. In the future, the company will continue to embrace this philosophy, constantly exploring new application fields and market spaces, contributing more to the advancement and development of the two-way radio industry.