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China Air Show 2021 : Enhance the Development of Aerospace Defense Equipment-Shenzhen GPCOMM Appear in Airshow China
The 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition ("Short as Air Show  China") opened on September 28, attracting 700 companies from 40 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, a series of products and technical services  that representing the world's advanced level of "High, sophisticated, specialized and new" in the aerospace and defense fields  of the world are here "the world’s premiere,  debut in China". It achieve full coverage of "land, sea, air, space, and electricity". Wonderful flight performances, dynamic display of ground equipment and 3D models of the space station, the Chang'e-5th lunar probe and other star exhibits made their debut. The Most important equipment  of Great Power, we are excited to see it, amazing, my country!

This exhibition brought together many industry leaders and companies. As the industry’s leading provider of secure communications solutions, Shenzhen GPCOMM  showcased ultra-low temperature and high-performance lithium batteries, ultra-lightweight and high-noise reduction aviation headsets, tank  CVC  helmet  headset, hearing protection tactical headset, full bone conduction explosion-proof earphones, handsets, etc.

On the professional days of the exhibitions, important Guests such as the former Navy Deputy Commander Yang, important relevant leaders from
 the Central Equipment Development, the Army and Air Force, Representatives Office etc came to our booth and gave insightful directions of our product’
s  development.
Chairman-Xu Xianping of China South Industries Group Corporation, accompanied by Deputy GM-Wang Guanghua and deputy Chief Officer He long of the Product Department,  Wang Xinrui, Deputy Director of the No.208 Research Institute,  and Liu Yong, Dean of the No. 201 Research Institute of China North Industries Group, etc.  came to our booth to visit and gave instructions on product quality assurance, and also gave guidance on further development. Ms. Xie Nianfei and our fellow  colleagues  received them and introduced everyone to  the company’s leading product and  technology. The product’s  performance and technology have been highly recognized by the leaders, and they encourage us to continue to cultivate in the industry to enhance the development of aerospace defense equipment.

Since GPCOMM establishment in 2009 and after more than ten years of technological accumulation and business development, the company has independent R&D and production capabilities for pulse reduction, steady-state noise/LMS noise reduction, full bone conduction, and ultra-low temperature smart batteries. The performance of related products is stable and has good applications,  and has been widely used in aviation, national defense equipment, maritime affairs, fire and forest rescue, coal mines, special police and other fields. This exhibition is conducive to promoting business and technical exchanges between the company, manufacturers and scientific research institutions, demonstrating the technical strength and development potential of private enterprises, and further expanding the market. It continuously improve the comprehensive brand strength of Shenzhen GPCOMM and makes contribution to the development of the motherland's aviation industry and national defense!