H-189/GR military handset

Item No.: PTE-M003
The H-189/GR is a durable (unit repairable) Push To Talk (PTT) handset used with ground portable radio sets and remote operation systems, such as the AN/PRC-70 and AN/PRC-77
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Power-Time Military H-189/GR Handset

PTE-M003 military H-189/GR Handset is designed and built according to military standard MIL-STD-810.
It can be utilized interchangeable with h-250/u handset.Meet military standard MIL-H-55258B (EL), MIL-H-49078 (EL) 


IP 67 water and dust resistant
customized service is available
Low profile earpiece ensure the headset can be used  with a protective helmet.


The handset consists of a noise canceling microphone, is equipped with a Press- To- Talk switch,a 6 foot (extended) retractile cord, and terminated in a 5 pin audio connector (U-229/U)
Durable noise cancelling
Immersion with IP68 sealed
Mechanic long-life PTT switch (up to 2000000 cycles)
Speaker Specification
Type  Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
Impedance  1000Ω±15% @1KHZ
Sensitivity  115dB±10%/1Watt 0.5Meter
Frequency respond  300-4KHZ
Rated input power 10mW
Maximum input power  100mW
Microphone Specification
Type Transducer Moving coil dynamic MIC
Sensitivity Range -65± 3dB
Impedance Max 300Ω at 1kHz
Frequency 500-6KHz
Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature -30ْC~75ْC
Relative Humidity <96%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa~106kPa
H-250/U PTE-M004
Portable microphone handset