MK-1697 Headset with Y cable 2 U229/U connector for DH-132 helmet

MK-1697 Headset with  Y cable 2 U229/U connector for DH-132 helmet , DH-132 helmets are specially designed for use by personnel operating and manning military armored vehicles
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Power-Time MK-1697 Headset with  Y cable 2 U229/U connector for DH-132 helmet 

The Combat Vehicle Crew helmets, which are made in accordance with MIL-STD-810, are available in several different configurations for specific mission types.
Typical applications for the helmet system are military tanks, troop carriers, and Stryker, LAV and Avenger vehicles.

Excellent speech intelligibility
Full-spectrum noise reduction
Comfortable fit
Flexible boom microphone


a. COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM:  The DH-132S/DH-132AS is equipped with an MK-1697/G communications kit (or other optional kits) which includes a microphone (dynamic or noise canceling electret), two earphones (one installed in each earcup), a cordset with a lower AP-107XL plug, and a radio-intercom switch.

- The middle connector : NEXUS connector AJ-107XL and AP-107XL
- End connector : U-229/U 5 pin connector x 2 ea 

Headset-MICROPHONE KIT MK-1697/G(5965-00-313-8958)

Microphone M-138/G(5965-00-937-1851)
Type  Transducer Moving coil dynamic speaker
Impedance 1000Ω±15% @1KHZ
Sensitivity 92±3dB/mW at 1KHz
Rated input power 2W
Maximum input power  2W

Earphone M-139/G(5965-00-076-8026)SM-B-933867
Type Transducer Moving coil dynamic MIC
Sensitivity Range -58± 3dB at 1KHz
Impedance Max 150Ω±15% at 1kHz
Frequency 200-4KHz
Tone test 200Hz-4KHz 0.38V

Environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -30ْC~75ْC
Relative Humidity <96%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa~106kPa

CVC helmet protection options:Antiriot/Ballistic                            Fire retardant inner shell
Durable military helmet hearing protection                                                                               
Fire retardant inner shell for military helmet hearing protection

Y-cable AJ107BR and 2 U229/U connectors                                           M-138/G microphone
Y-cable connectors for military helmet hearing protection                                                      Microphone for military helmet hearing protection